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Delhi Commons

A public art project, supported by Arts Network Asia

Delhi Commons

The Commonwealth Games 2010 were held in New Delhi between 3 to 14 October 2010. In the few years preceding the Games, the city went through a rapid social transformation with the redevelopment of the Yamuna river floodplain, demolition of neighbourhoods, and increased migration. Delhi prepared for a mega event unprecedented in its history and hosted it – amidst all kinds of structural failures.

The disconnect between the imagined and the lived continues to become more pronounced every day. We are curious to see how this time will be remembered and what will get narrated? As an immediate response, Delhi Commons attempted to create a memory of the Commonwealth Games and the city in the tradition of 'memory making' through photographs, postcards and souvenirs.

Delhi Commons has been conceived as a public art project and our main aim is to get people involved in the discourse around urban transformations.

Delhi Commons is an online public art project initiated as a response to the immense infrastructural and social transformation leading to the Commonwealth Games of 2010 in Delhi. The project supported by Arts Network Asia [ANA] consists of postcard memes, photographs and souvenir badges, solicited through an open call.

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